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Plank Road crash in Cumberland Co. kills one, injures six


State police continue investigating Tuesday’s fatal crash in Cumberland County.

It happened on Plank Road a mile north of Raines Tavern Road.

A trooper says a Toyota Scion traveled north as it crossed into the southbound lane and had a head-on collision with a Lincoln LS.

State police have identified the Scion’s driver as 22-year-old Jacey Maxey of New Canton. She did not wear a seat belt, and she died at the scene.

They have identified the driver of the other vehicle as 27-year-old Justina Barber of Dillwyn. She went to Centra Southside Community Hospital for serious injuries.

Barber’s vehicle had an adult and two children who followed her to Centra Southside with injuries.

A pair of three-year-old children with her, however, needed to go to UVA Medical Center. They had life-threatening injuries.

Health Kids Day next Saturday at YMCA in Farmville


The Southside Virginia Family YMCA has a free community event next Saturday, and it hopes to inspire more children to keep their minds and bodies active.

The YMCA calls it Healthy Kids Day, encouraging kids to stay physically and intellectually active all summer long.

YMCA director Jane Schirmer says the Y supports families in their efforts to instill healthy habits at home, even though it can feel challenging at times. She says next Saturday gives families tips they can repeat at home.

YMCA’s Health Kids Day runs April 25 from 10 to noon in Farmville.

Scrapping the WinVote machines is getting expensive


Scrapping the WinVote machines is getting expensive. The elections department commissioner estimates the average cost of replacing the equipment at $11,000 for each of the state’s 568 places that has used WinVote, and that’s adding up to over $6 million. Thirty jurisdictions have used these electronic devices, 10 of which are racing against the clock to replace the widely used touch screen machines in time for June’s primaries. What this immediately means for Buckingham County, however, remains unclear. The state elections board voted, Tuesday, to replace the machines after a new report on the voting system determined dated wireless technology made WinVote vulnerable to errors and security breaches.

A missing 3 year old Nottoway County boy was found safe and sound


A missing 3 year old Nottoway County boy was found safe and sound. According to the Courier Record, the toddler wandered more than a half mile from his grandparents’ home Sunday morning. After a brief search, the child was found on Indian Oak Road north of Crewe. Sheriff Larry Parish says a resident who lives in that area spotted the toddling todler with a dog by his side.

Fariss wants more meetings in Buckingham Co. on pipeline


Recent concerns with the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s public comment process have caused some local lawmakers to urge transparency. However, few people with the ability to make decisions have taken official positions on the project.

The Nelson County Times reports Del. Matt Fariss has written to FERC to request an extension on the scoping period from two to three months, as well as more meetings in Buckingham County.

Fariss has also informed constitutents that he would have the same concerns they do about a pipeline running through his property.

The pipeline would transport natural gas 550 miles from West Virginia to North Carolina.

Next move for Buckingham Co. unclear after WinVote vanishes


Reaction continues to the state elections board’s decision to kill WinVote machines.

Thirty jurisdictions have used these electronic devices, and 10 of them must replace them in time for June’s primaries.

The elections department commissioner estimates the average cost of replacing the equipment at $11,000 for each of the state’s 568 places that has used WinVote. Do the math, and that comes out to over $6 million.

What this immediately means for Buckingham County, however, remains unclear. The Daily Progress reports its calls to that county’s voter registration office have gone unanswered.

Funeral for AJ set for this Saturday (April 19)


Friends and family are trying to come to grips with the sobering reality that Longwood student AJ Hadsell won’t be coming home. After 38 days of AJ’s disappearance, the search ended with the news that human remains found last week have been positively identified as Hadsell. Moments of silence were held at all Longwood sports games this weekend, as well as at the beginning of Bandfest and the Citizen Leader Banquet on Sunday.
AJ went missing, March 2, while on spring break at her home in Norfolk. Police found her body in the backyard of a house in Southampton County. A softball tournament was held on Sunday in memory of AJ, who according to The Virginian-Pilot, played the sport in college. The tournament helped raise money for funeral costs, which is set for this Saturday afternoon (April 18) at 1:00 p.m.. A post on the Facebook page ‘Bring AJ Home’ requested that those planning on attending AJ’s funeral to wear bright and colorful clothes.

Longwood’s enrollment is up


Longwood’s growing enrollment is being credited for the school’s historically low tuition increase. The average annual increase in tuition around the commonwealth is around 7 percent. Longwood has been able to keep their’s under 3%, with last springs at the 2.1 percent mark, followed with a minimal 2.8 percent increase. The university did raise housing prices by 4 percent, while dining costs went up 2.5 percent. Ken Copeland, Longwood’s chief financial officer told the Rotunda, that trends show the university’s enrollment is consistently going up and that helps keep tuition hikes down.

Daytime Burglaries Increase in Crewe


Crewe police report an increase in the number of home burglaries. Chief AA Booth says the department has gotten multiple reports of break-ins during daytime hours. The Department is requesting anyone that sees or hears anything unusual to contact police immediately. Meanwhile, they are reminding citizens to lock their windows and doors.

Police Seek Person Firing BB Gun at Cars


The Farmville Police Department is investigating a series of offenses related to property damage and shooting at occupied vehicles. Police have responded to 10 calls for service regarding damage to private property and vehicles apparently shot with a pellet or B.B. Gun. Nine of these offenses have occurred since April 2nd. A total of eight vehicles have been struck, two of which were occupied at the time, although no one has been injured. Farmville police have increased patrols to focus on these offenses.

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