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Appomattox Officials Say Tax Hike May Be Avoided


Appomattox County officials say a three cent tax hike may not be needed after all. The Times Virginia reports that’s the opinion of County Administrator Susan Adams. Part of eliminating the need for the three cent tax hike involves refinancing the county’s debt. Supervisor Sara Carter, who opposes refinancing, said the county has moved past expenses associated with the Sesquicentennial earlier this year, and the county was able to finance new voting machines on the previous budget.Carter says that if the county pays off two bonds early, it would save three cents on the real estate tax rate.

Farmville Schedules Fall Cleanup


It’s time to get our community cleaned up and ready for the winter. The town of Farmville has scheduled it’s fall cleanup for Monday, October 19th. You need to have your stuff at the curb by 7:30 am that day for pickup. And, the pickup will include things not normally picked up, like furniture, appliances, carpet and bedding. You can contact the Public Works Department for more information.





Farmville, Va.—When Longwood nursing sophomores are cloaked in their bright new white coats Thursday, they will mark an important transformative moment in the life of any pre-service nurse: entrance into clinical practice.

“The white coat is the universal sign of the medical profession,” said Dr. Deborah Ulmer, chair of the Longwood nursing department. “When students wear their white coats, they are accepting an enormous responsibility and making their first steps into the field.”

Longwood’s inaugural Gold-AACN White Coat Ceremony for Nursing will take place Thursday, Oct. 8, at 4 p.m. in Blackwell Ballroom. Sophomore nursing students will be cloaked by upperclassmen—a ritual that underscores the bonds between nurses. Those receiving white coats will also receive a pin.

The white coat ceremony symbolizes the deep-rooted mission of both the university and the nursing program: commitment to the community and humanistic care. Underscoring those ideals, community partners and donors will be present at the inaugural ceremony.

Dr. Terris Kennedy, formerly the assistant chief of the Army Nurse Corps in the office of the Army Surgeon General, will speak at the ceremony. Kennedy, who has decades of experience in both public and private nursing organizations, has taught in the nursing schools at Duke and Old Dominion universities and serves on the boards of several schools and hospitals.

“Dr. Kennedy is a vibrant, energetic nurse who has lived a life built on both providing patient-centered care and educating the next generation of nurses,” said Ulmer. “She is an example to all of our students of a life of achievement built on a firm foundation of community mindedness.”

The ceremony is made possible by a grant by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation to support the Gold-AACN White Coat Ceremony for Nursing to promote compassionate care and a patient-centered approach to the nursing profession. The partnership between the foundation and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing began funding white coat ceremonies in 2014.

White coat ceremonies have long been an important rite of passage at medical schools but have been growing in popularity for classes of nursing students. “By offering white coat ceremonies, our schools are sending a clear message to new nursing students that compassionate care must be a hallmark of their clinical practice,” said Eileen Breslin, AACN president. “Securing a commitment to providing patient-centered care at the beginning of a nurse’s professional formation will help to raise the quality of care available to all patients.”



The search continues for a permanent Town Manager in Victoria


The search continues for a permanent Town Manager in Victoria. Council members have been looking to fill the seat, left vacant when Ken Patterson had to resign because of health issues, and say in the meantime James “Jay” Dayton was named interim town manager recently and will remain in the position until the permanent hire is made. Victoria officials said Mr. Dayton had worked with Patterson closely and he will be able to pick up where he left off, which will make for an easier transition once the next town manager is hired. Patterson had worked for the town for 14 years prior to his recent decision to step down and concentrate on dealing with his health issues that are Parkinson’s disease related.

It was double charges that prompted an Appomattox judge to sentence a Pamplin man to nine months in jail


It was double charges that prompted an Appomattox judge to sentence a Pamplin man to nine months in jail last week.
Chad Fulcher plead guilty to felony theft and misdemeanor marijuana possession in front of Tenth District Circuit Court Judge Donald Blessing last Monday, in connection to the Feb. 15 theft of an American National blue bag filled with cash and checks totaling $3,265 from Tolley’s Market in Pamplin, and for selling marijuana to an undercover police officer, Jan. 1.
Security camera footage of the theft, and photos and a DVD of the drug buy showed Fulcher as the suspect in both crimes.
Judge Blessing accepted a plea agreement, which totaled nine months of active jail time for Fulcher. Fulcher was also sentenced to two years supervised probation, must pay restitution, and will lose his license for six months.

Longwood Plans To Work Academic Calendar Around Debate


Longwood University has announced that it plans to work next year’s academic calendar around the 2016 vice presidential debate that it will host, by extending Fall Break to a full week. Officials say student housing could potentially be utilized for the debate. It depends on the exact timeline of when the new dorms in front of Arc will be up.Longwood being chosen for the debate not only affects the university but also the Town of Farmville. Longwood is situated right in the middle of the town, placing the town right into the impact.

Storm Caused Power Outages


Hurricane Joaquin turned out to be a blowhard. Prince Edward County lifted the state of emergency at one oclock Sunday afternoon. After a rough Friday night of rain and high winds. The storm caused hundreds of power outages around the area. CVEC crews worked late Friday and throughout Saturday, responding to scattered outages that peaked at 163 on Saturday when wind speeds increased.

LWU Basketball Player, Jason Pimentel found ‘not guilty’ of Battery


Longwood University senior men’s basketball player Jason Pimentel was found ‘not guilty’ of battery in a Prince Edward County Circuit Court jury trial Thursday.

On Feb. 2, in Prince Edward County District Court, Pimentel was previously found guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor of sexual battery. Throughout the circuit court trial Thursday, the charge was first struck from sexual battery to assault and battery, and finally to battery, of which he was exonerated. The trial lasted roughly three and a half hours and the seven-member jury deliberated for less than an hour before returning to the courtroom with their decision.

Pimentel’s defense attorney, Gary Elder of Hawthorne & Hawthorne, spoke outside of the courtroom shortly after the decision was announced, “We’re very happy with the way with the way things turned out and the case worked out the way it ultimately should work out. So I know Jason is really pleased.”

Robert Bauer, assistant commonwealth’s attorney for Prince Edward County, represented the reported victim and, after the trial, deferred comment to Prince Edward County Commonwealth’s Attorney James Ennis. His office did not respond in time for publication.

The Rotunda attempted to interview Pimentel in the courthouse, but he was not made available for comment. Longwood Director of Athletics Troy Austin released the following statement this afternoon, “In this difficult matter, Jason Pimentel has now exercised his right to a trial by jury and been found not guilty. We will have no further comment.”

Thursday’s court result came nearly 11 months after Pimentel’s Nov. 5, 2014 arrest. Pimentel was suspended indefinitely from the team the next day, but made his Longwood basketball court debut three months later after being reinstated immediately prior to a game against Charleston Southern on Feb. 14 at Willett Hall. He played in each of the final eight games of the season, including the Big South Conference tournament.

His return to the courtroom this fall resulted from a continuance filed in late July, including an agreement to bring the case to a jury trial. On Thursday, several people testified including the reported victim and Longwood Police Department Investigator Sam Gilliam, the arresting officer.

A significant piece of evidence presented during the most recent trial was surveillance video footage from the hallway of Pimentel’s dorm in Longwood Landings, showing him and the reported victim together on the night of the incident.

In the alleged victim’s initial report to police, she claimed Pimentel inappropriately touched her without her consent in the hallway. On the stand Thursday, she told the courtroom that on that night, she did not feel any intimidation or fear of Pimentel, but was offended by his actions.

Elder argued that the poor quality of the video and the positioning of the surveillance camera and of both individuals was not enough evidence to justify a guilty charge to meet the standard of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

In turn, Bauer called attention to when the alleged victim initially walked away, with her back facing away from Pimentel, in order to make sure he did not follow her.

After hearing testimony from Gilliam, Elder motioned to strike the Commonwealth’s evidence based on the idea that the inappropriateness of Pimentel’s physical contact could not be proved, and that the physical contact was not made in force, threat or ruse, as Section 8.2-67.4 of the Code of Virginia requires.

Elder argued that his point was supported by her statement that she was not afraid or intimidated. Elder also argued the alleged victim did not make any immediate attempt to leave the hallway after first contact. The video showed the reported victim walking back towards Pimentel and conversing with him a second time.

Bauer responded by telling the jury that the alleged victim was not required to run away and called attention to consent regarding the reported inappropriate physical contact.

Presiding Judge Honorable Kimberley S. White later discussed the evidence and testimony and determined the claimed actions of the defendant were not made with threat, intimidation or force, eventually leading to the reduction of the charge down to battery.

The jury consisted of one man and six women.

The reported victim immediately left the courtroom once it was adjourned.

Pimentel was visibly relieved after the verdict was announced and quietly exchanged congratulations with Elder and members of the coaching staff.

Note: story by Briana Adhikusuma and taken from The Rotunda 10/02/15

Crash in Amelia


Virginia State Police were on scene of a two vehicle crash that occurred around 7:20 (Friday) October 2, Route 38 eastbound, 100 feet east of Pine Lane in Amelia County.

A 2014 Freightliner school bus (Amelia County) was just starting to stop to pick up a student when it was struck in the rear by a 2008 GMC Sierra pickup.  The bus had just activated the yellow flashing lights when struck.  The pickup was pulling a dual axel trailer that was not loaded.

The driver of the school bus, Crystal Messer, 35 of Jetersville and one student on the bus were not injured in the crash.  The driver of the GMC pickup, Christopher Daniel, 25, of Jetersville was not injured in the crash.  Daniel was charged with Following Too Close.

In regards to the crash another bus was sent to continue the route.


Trick or Treat in Abbitt Park is set for this month


press release – Trick or Treat in Abbitt Park is set for this month. The Halloween prequel will take place from 5pm – 7pm, October 29th.

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