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Angela Brooke Wheeler, a 27 year old Burkeville woman and LPN, ruined her chance to avoid two felony convictions by failing to successfully complete probation for a deferred adjudication in Lunenburg Circuit Court for Possession of Schedule II Drug and Felony Child Endangerment.

Wheeler, of 210 S. Agnew Street in Burkeville, was sentenced to five years on each conviction with all suspended except 90 days. She was ordered to report to Piedmont Regional Jail on September 4th.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Clement, Wheeler, who obtained her LPN license in 2010, had been given the chance in August 2014 to avoid the felony drug possession conviction under the First Offender Statute and avoid the Felony Child Endangerment conviction as a deferred adjudication if she had successfully complied with the terms of her probation, including good behavior, counseling, and community service. Subsequently, the defendant was convicted in February, 2015 in Nottoway County of Driving on a Suspended License. She also completed only one hour and 28 minutes of the 100 hours of community service ordered, failed to appear for a substance abuse evaluation, and missed 16 appointments with her probation officer.

The charges against Wheeler arose on May 12, 2014 at 10:15 am. when Lunenburg Deputy Sheriff Greg Currin noticed her car tags and inspection sticker were expired.  Wheeler was driving and had a two-year-old son in the vehicle unsecured.  Currin ran a record check on her and discovered that there was an outstanding capias for her in Nottoway County for Failure to Appear in court.

In conducting a search incident to the arrest, Currin discovered various pill bottles, loose pills, several syringes, and two spoons, one containing an orange-colored burnt residue. At first Wheeler said the syringes were for her son’s diabetes, but later admitted that she used them to shoot up drugs, but adding that she had not done so for three months.  She said she had several prescriptions for painkillers and would sometimes snort them, admitting that she had snorted a Percocet that morning. (The traffic stop was at 10:15 a.m.). She said she snorted the drugs because they would get into her system faster.  An analysis at the state lab revealed that Wheeler had 24 tablets of Hydromorphone, one sublingual film of “Suboxone” consisting of buprenorphine and naloxone, one tablet of Oxycodone, and one Clonazepam. She said she had them for pain as the result of an accident.

Wheeler was given a drug test by a representative of the Department of Social Services with a positive finding for Benzodiazepine.  Wheeler also said that her son had been in a bad car accident last year, and that any kind of head trauma would be fatal to him.  When asked why she would take a chance of him getting in an accident while not being in a car seat, Wheeler responded, “I know what I’m doing.”

When asked if she was getting Percocet from someone other than a doctor, she responded, “I mean every once in awhile, yes,” but said she had stopped buying the drugs from non-medical sources because she had heard that the police were watching her.

The Social Services representative also reported that when she transported the child from the scene, he was thirsty and reached for his bottle in the diaper bag. The worker looked inside the baby bottle and found that the juice was spoiled and that there was mold in the nipple of the bottle. The child also had eczema and an abrasion under his right eye.

The child has been placed with another responsible family member.

In addition to her sentence, the defendant will be subject to conditions of a suspended sentence of nine years and nine months including good behavior for 10 years, supervised probation for one year, substance abuse counseling, a parenting class, and warrantless searches for five years.

Budget cuts blamed for struggling area senior citizens group

Aug25 – Budget cuts this spring are being blamed for an area senior citizens group struggling to survive. The Central Virginia Area Agency on Aging Executive Director Debra Silverman asked supervisors earlier this month (Aug. 3) for some financial relief, citing the supervisors decision in April to eliminate $5,768 from the budget and charging the group a monthly rental fee of $250 for use of the Community Center has exhausted their expenses. The supervisors agreed to revisit the issue at the next meeting on Sept. 8.

Three teens are being charged in connection with three seperate home robberies in Prince Edward County

Aug25 – Three teens are being charged in connection with three seperate home robberies in Prince Edward County. According to Major David Wilmoth of the Prince Edward Sheriff’s office, the trio, two 14 year olds and 16 year old, were arrested for stealing more than a dozen guns from area homes this summer, five of which have been recovered, along with jewelry as well. The three are facing several charges for the area breakins, according to reports at Prince Edward police continue to investigate.

officials earn state’s top salaries


Va. retirement system officials earn state’s top salaries Jack Murphy has the hefty paycheck. Retirement.mp3

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The County Board of Supervisors got a sneak peak at new emergency response vehicles


The County Board of Supervisors got a sneak peak at the Prince Edward Volunteer Rescue Squad’s new emergency response vehicles. The Mass Casualty Unit was created in response to deadly school shootings, and the State of Virginia, as well as local officials, say the new fleet will help save lives during an emergency by reducing the amount of time it takes to transport more severely injured victims to hospitals. Supervisors were informed that several upgrades will need to be made to the Prince Edward Mass Casualty Unit in order to bring it up to code. Officials say the unit is needed, especially with Longwood University and Hampden Sydney College in the community..

Congressman Hurt at WFLO


WFLO’s General manager Francis Wood speaks with 5th district Congressman Robert Hurt as he begins his two week “Main Street Tour” in Farmville.
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A fire in Farmville kept crews busy this weekend


A fire in Farmville kept crews busy this weekend. Firefighters say thick smoke, along with the hot and humid weather made it challenging to contain a blaze that sparked near the intersection of Abilene Road and Route 133, rising from the backyard of a home next to a convenience store. An outbuilding had collapsed by the time crews arrived, but the fire was quickly brought under control. There was no damage to Granny B’s next door. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

$2 gas could be on horizon


Will we soon be seeing 2 dollars a gallon for gas around town? Jack Murphy with the answer. -gas prices.mp3

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Family, friends and collegues are mourning the loss of a Charlotte County natvie


Family, friends and collegues are mourning the loss of a Charlotte County natvie and Virginia State Police Trooper. Kevin J. Brown, 27, was found deceased at his residence in Northampton County after he failed to report to work August 10. Foul play is not suspected. Troopers representing several areas of the state were in attendance to honor their comrade when he was laid to rest earlier this month (August 15). Brown graduated from the Virginia State Police Academy just last year, as a member of the 122nd Basic Session.





The Matriarch of the WFLO family, Jean C. Wilson passed away peacefully Friday morning in Farmville of natural causes. She was 86 years old.

Mrs. Wilson was the wife of the late John D. Wilson, the former GM and president of Colonial Broadcasting Company, Inc.

Mrs. Wilson assumed her husband’s position with the company upon his death in 2012 and shared his enthusiasm and support of the corporation’s two radio stations, WFLO AM & FM and its employees.  She was a Longwood College alumni and longtime employee who was the Director of Employee Relations upon her retirement.

Funeral arrangements for Mrs. Wilson are incomplete and will be announced later by Puckett Funeral Home of Farmville.


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