The investigation continues in the death of Liberty University student Joshua Hathaway

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The investigation continues in the death of Liberty University student Joshua Hathaway. The Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office released a statement Thursday (12/12) stating they are working with Lynchburg police to determine exactly what happened that fateful night on Nov. 20 when the 19 year old was shot by a LU armed security officer at an off-campus women’s dorm. According to reports Hathaway attacked the officer with a hammer. The officer fired two shots, one of which struck Hathaway.
The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is expected to release their findings when the case closes.

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One comment on “The investigation continues in the death of Liberty University student Joshua Hathaway

  1. David Jameson on said:

    Glad to hear the case is actually being investigated…
    Pure speculation here…but I think it makes more sense than the official storyline that’s in the media. I think that Josh wasn’t mad or suffering from mental illness. His GPA and performance at Liberty reflected that he was succeeding. He came to the school on a scholarship and, according to police warrants, had cash in his vehicle…so it’s doubtful he was facing any kind of financial hardship.
    I think he knew the officer who shot him. He drove across the street to visit with him, as he had done before. I think that’s how Josh ended up with bullets and a clip in his room, but no gun – he had spent time with the officer before and they had played with the gun before, and Josh was given a clip to use. The officer was an EMT and was young…mid twenties…could easily relate to a nineteen year-old. I think he and Josh were hanging out late while he was on duty (past Liberty curfew). I think they were playing with the gun. Josh was shot. The EMT / officer tried to save him (this would explain the bloody gauze and bloody scissors officers found beneath Josh’s body). The EMT was not able to save him.
    A story was fabricated to cover this up (the story was not officially signatures in an affidavit until 1:30pm the next day…nearly nine hours after the event took place). And since then, Liberty has kept this whole mess out of the press.
    It’s a shame. The current official portrayal in the media of what happened that night makes no sense, and no one has taken any steps to force the truth to come out.
    I hate that Josh has been maligned as a lunatic. It’s simply a false story, and the university either created it or allowed it to persist in order to protect themselves.

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