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The Call Flo Radio Show was recognized as ‘Best Morning Show’ in the small market division by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters in 2012!  Congratulations!

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Tune in weekdays beginning at 8:05 AM to WFLO AM and FM for the Call Flo Radio Show! Your hosts Francis Wood, along with Chris Wood, and Christopher Brochon, will bring you the show! Whether its some good news, birthdays and anniversaries, the word of the day, or laughs about sardines, join us on CALL FLO. We would love to hear from you during the show! The contact numbers for The Call Flo Radio Show are 434-392-8881 (local) or 1-800-825-5356 (long distance). Monthly, host Francis Wood will speak with 5th District Congressman Robert Hurt (R). Join Francis and the Congressman on the first Tuesday of the month to hear about what’s going on in Washington D.C. and how it affects you!

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Chris Brochon’s Word of the Day If you come across or know some great words, send them to me at

12/22/2014: regress- to revert or relapse

12/19/2014: qa(b)balah- a system of Jewish theosophy using a cipher method to interpret scripture

12/18/2014: prolix-tediously lengthy

12/17/2014: orotund- full, round, and imposing of voice

12/16/2014: nuncupative-declared orally as opposed to in writing

12/15/2014: macerate- to soften or break up
12/12/2014: lenity- kindness
12/11/2014: kairomone- a substance emitted by an organism to gain advantage over another
12/10/2014: jabot- ornamental frill or ruffle on a shirt
12/9/2014: ictal- relating to a seizure
12/8/2014: harangue-lengthy and aggressive speech
12/5/2014: gravitas- dignity
12/4/2014: flagellate- to whip or beat a person
12/3/2014: equanimity- mental calmness and evenness of temper
12/2/2014: dross-rubbish
12/1/2014: capuling- looting or stealing

11/28/2014: bellicose- demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight
11/27/2014: appurtenance- an accessory associated with a style of living
11/26/2014: zetetic- proceeding by inquiry
11/25/2014: yogic- yoga like
11/24/2014: xenophobia- irrational fear of people from other countries
11/21/2014: wrayer- one who denounces or betrays
11/20/2014: votary- a person who has made vows of dedication to religious service
11/19/2014: unequivocal- unmistakeable, without question
11/18/2014: traduce-speak badly of or tell lies about one so as to damage their reputation
11/17/2014: sabretache- a flat satchel on long straps
11/14/2014: repartition- change the scheme of
11/13/2014: qibla- the direction of Mecca
11/12/2014: pleonasm-using more words than necessary to convey meaning
11/11/2014: obfuscation-bewilderment
11/10/2014: nepotism- the practice of those with power favoring relatives or friends
11/7/2014: messuage- a dwelling house with outbuildings
11/6/2014: lyceum- a literary institution, lecture hall, or teaching place
11/8/2014: knell- reverberating toll
11/4/2014: junket- trip, excursion, or outing
11/3/2014: inure- accustom to something esp. something unpleasant
10/31/2014: harridan- a strict, bossy, or belligerent old woman
10/30/2014: grandiloquent- bombastic and pretentious
10/29/2014: filial-of a son or daughter
10/28/2014: emolument- a salary, fee or profit from employment
10/27/2014: diaphragmatic-thin, flexible, and taut membrane
10/24/2014: concupiscence- strong sexual desire
10/23/2014: bumf- useless printed information or documents
10/22/2014: avidity- extreme eagerness
10/21/2014: zeroth- immediately preceding what is regarded as first in a series
10/20/2014: yaffle- a bark or yelp
10/17/2014: xanthous- those of mankind that are of yellowish hair and light complexion
10/16/2016: wanton-deliberate ad unprovoked
10/15/2014: vociferous- expressing loudly, usually something critical
10/14/2014: ultimo- the last month
10/13/2014: tautology- the saying of the same thing twice in different words, phrase, or expression
10/10/2014: salient- most noticeable or important
10/9/2014: racemic- composed of dextrorotatory and levorotatory forms in equal proportion (basically something that is not optically active)
10/8/2014: Qat- the principal god in the oral mythology of the Banks Islands, a small archipelago of northern Vanuatu
10/7/2014: preprandial- done before dinner
10/6/2014: osier- a shoot of a willow or a willow tree
10/3/2014: neb- a projecting part of something
10/2/2014: malefactor- person who commits a wrongdoing
10/1/2014: largess-generosity in bestowing upon others
9/30/2014: kiasu- a selfish attitude
9/29/2014: jackanapes- an impertinent person
9/26/2014: icosahedron- a figure with twenty faces
9/25/2014: hebetude- being dull or lethargic
9/24/2014: gleed- an ember
9/23/2014: fetor- strong foul smell
9/22/2014: evaginate- turn inside out
9/19/2014: drouk- to be drowned or to drench
9/18/2014: carillon- a set of bells played using a keyboard or a tune played on such bells
9/17/2014: besogne- a raw recruit or a lowly worthless fellow
9/16/2014: ataraxia- freedom from disturbance of mind or passion
9/15/2014: zad- a thing or person of crooked form
9/12/2014: yealing- a person of the same age as oneself
9/11/2014: xilinous- of cotton
9/10/2014: wamble- feel nausea
9/9/2014: vitulation-a public thanksgiving or festival there of
9/8/2014: ure- in or into use
9/5/2014: tumefy- become swollen
9/4/2014: slake- quench or satisfy
9/3/2014: raconteur- person who tells anecdotes in an amusing way
9/2/2014: quisling- a traitor who collaborates with an enemy force occupying their country
9/1/2014: phoresy- a non-parasitic relationship where one species is carried by another
8/29/2014: occulde-to close shut or stop up
8/28/2014: nonce- for the time being, temporarily
8/27/2014: mokita- something everyone knows, but nobody talks about
8/26/2014: leonine- of or resembling a lion
8/25/2014: kalends- the first day of the month
8/22/2014: jabberwocky- nonsense; meaningless language
8/21/2014: imago- 1) the final stage of an insect’s metamorphosis; 2) an unconscious idealized mental image of someone that influences a person’s behavior
8/20/2014: hurst- a hillock
8/19/2014: gabion- a wire or wicker container filled with rock, earth, or stone used for the construction of dams or walls
8/18/2014: factum- a statement of the facts of a case
8/15/2014: eyrie-a large nest of a bird of prey
8/14/2014: daedalus- a craftsman
8/13/2014; calumny- slander
8/12/2014:bestir- exert oneself
8/11/2014: animus- hostility or ill feeling
8/8/2014: zaftig-(of a women) having a full, rounded figure 8/7/2014: yagna- a ritual sacrifice
8/6/2014:xerophytic- needing very little water
8/5/2014: waffler- someone who fails to make up one’s mind
8/4/2014: vacua- he plural of vacuum
8/1/2014: uxorious-having excessive fondness for one’s wife
7/31/2014: tabescent- wasting away 7/30/2014: sporange-a receptacle in which a sexual spores are formed; like ferns 7/29/2014: ribald- referring to sexual matters in an amusing or irreverent way 7/28/2014: quadrivium- the university curriculum involving the mathematical arts 7/25/2014: pogonophobia- the fear of beards 7/24/2014: occlude- to stop, close up, or obstruct 7/23/2014: narthex- a covered porch or entrance to a building 7/22/2014: morganatic- a marriage in which neither the spouse nor children have claim to possessions or title of higher ranking spouse 7/21/2014: largess(e)- generosity in bestowing money or gifts upon others 7/18/2014: keek- to peep surreptitiously 7/17/2014: jib-be unwilling to do or accept something 7/16/2014: inveigle- to persuade by means of flattery 7/15/2014: hidrotic-to make one sweat 7/14/2014: guck- a slimy, unpleasant substance 7/11/2014: fabulate- to relate as a fable or story 7/10/2014: ewer- a large jug with a wide mouth 7/9/2014: didactic- to teach morally as an ulterior motive 7/8/2014: curple- the hindquarters of a horse 7/7/2014: buckra- a caucasian male 7/4/2014: absit-permission for a student to be absent from university for a short period of time 7/3/2014: zeitgeber- an environmental cue to rest ones internal clock 7/2/2014: yajna- a ritual sacrifice 7/1/2014: xenology- the study of alien biology 6/30/2014: wadi-a valley, ravine or channel that is dry except during the rainy season 6/27/2014: vacillate-waver between different opinions 6/26/2014: ululate-howl or wail as an expression of strong emotion 6/25/2014: tmesis- the separation of parts of a compound word, mainly heard in informal speech 6/24/2014: sigil- a symbol, usual considered to have magical power 6/23/2014: ruck-a tightly packed crowd 6/20/2014: quackish- to act dishonestly in claims or skills 6/19/2014: parse- to analyze or examine minutely 6/18/2014: obconic- in the shape of an inverted cone 6/17/2014: nubbin- a residual part 6/16/2014: mendacious- lying 6/13/2014: lubricious- intended to arouse sexual desire 6/12/2014: kermis- a fair or carnival held to raise money for a charity 6/11/2014: judder- to shake and vibrate rapidly and with force 6/10/2014: inimical- tending to obstruct or harm 6/9/2014: herple or hirple- to walk gamely or hobble 6/6/2014: ganglion-a network of cell forming a nerve center in an invertebrate 6/5/2014: fatuous- silly and pointless 6/4/2014: elozable- amenable to flattery 6/3/2014: deign-to do something considered to be beneath one’s dignity 06/2/2014: chthonian-belonging to or inhabiting the underworld 5/30/2014: benefice-a favor 5/29/2014: antipathy- a deep seated feeling or aversion 5/28/2014: zoon- a being, animal, or anything akin to life 5/27/2014: younker- a young gentleman 5/26/2014: xenodocheion- a guest 5/23/2014: whist-hush (used to demand silence) 5/22/2014: venial- that which may be forgiven as a sin 5/21/2014: ultimo-of last month 5/20/2014: turpitude- depravity or wickedness 5/19/2014: stygian-very dark (in mood) 5/16/2014: rubicund-having a ruddy complexion 5/15.2014: quaestor- any number of officials in charge of public revenues 5/14/2014: pique- to affect with sharp irritation and resentment 5/13/2014: obstreperous-noisy and difficult to control 5/12/2014: nix-(noun) nothing, (verb) to cancel, (exclamation) denial or refusal 5/9/2014: murrain- a plague, epidemic or blight to crops 5/8/2014: labile- apt to lapse or change 5/7/2014: kakistocracy- form of government in which the worst persons rule 5/6/2014: jaculate-to hurl 5/5/2014: isochronal- line connecting points relating to the same time 5/2/2014: homunculus- a very small human or humanoid creature 5/1/2014: gomerel- a fool, or simpleton 4/30/2014: februate- to purify 4/29/2014: exculpate- to show not guilty of wrongdoing 4/28/2014: deliquescent-having the tendency to become liquid 4/25/2014: coeval-contemporary in age or date of origin 4/24/2014: boredom- the state of being bored 4/23/2014: animadversions-criticisms or censures 4/22/2014: zounds- an exclamation 4/21/2014: yauld- active or vigorous 4/18/2014: xenomania- an inordinate fondness for what is foreign 4/17/2014: wazzock- stupid annoying person 4/16/2014: vetust- old or ancient 4/15/2014:usufruct-the right of use and enjoyment 4/14/2014: turgid- (1)-swollen or distended, (2)-pompous or bombastic 4/11/2014: sapiential-of or relating to wisdom 4/10/2014: reticent- not revealing ones thoughts or feelings 4/9/2014: quisquilious- waste matter, refuse, rubbish 4/8/2014: pelagic-relating to the open sea 4/7/2014: obnubilate- darken or cover as with a cloud 4/4/2014: nugacity- triviality or frivolity 4/3/2014: mulct- to extract money by fine 4/2/2014: lubberly-clumsy 4/1/2014:kablooey or kablooie- destroyed or ruined 3/31/2014: jocularity-characterized by joking or playfulness 3/28/2014: imbricate- arrange so as to overlap 3/27/2014: holus-bolus -all at once 3/26/2014: gavage- the administration of food or drugs by force 3/25/2014: fillip-something that acts as a stimulus 3/24/2014: ersatz-made or use as a substitute 3/21/2014: declivity- a downward slope 3/20/2014: confabulate-engage in conversation 3/19/2014: bield- boldness or courage 3/18/2014: aqueous- containing water, or like water 3/17/2014: zoster-belt or girdle 3/14/2014: yerk-to strike or lash hard 3/12/2014: xyst(masc.) / xystus(fem.) -a covered court used for exercise / a walk planted with trees used for recreation and conversation 3/12/2014: whittie-whattie – vague talk or a frivolous excuse 3/11/2014: volubility-speaking incessantly 3/10/2014: ungulate-a hoofed mammal 3/7/2014: tenacious- not readily letting go, giving up, or being separated from 3/6/2014: thalassic- of or pertaining to the sea or oceans 3/5/2014:simulacra- images or representations of people or things 3/4/2014-retrousse- of a person’s nose, turned up at the tip in an attractive way 3/3/2014: quiescent-in state of inactivity or dormancy 2/28/2014: putrescent- undergoing the process of decay 2/27/2014: ogive- the point of a gothic arch or a thing having such a profile 2/26/2014: notional-existing only in theory or as suggestion or idea 2/25/2014: metalanguage-a form of language used for the analysis of another language 2/24/2014: labile-easily altered or liable to change 2/21/2014: kairos- a propitious moment for decision 2/20/2014: jobber- a wholesaler 2/19/2014: imprimatur-acceptance or guarantee that something is of a good standard 2/18/2014: hibernaculum- a winter retreat, a place to hibernate 2/17/2014: greave- piece of armor used to protect the shin 2/14/2014: fortalice- a small fort or outwork of fortification 2/13/2014: ebullition-the action of bubbling or boiling 2/12/2014: diaphanous-translucent 2/11/2014: chivvy- tell repeatedly to do something 2/10/2014: billet- a nonmilitary facility, usually a home,  where soldiers are lodged temporarily 2/7/2014: avoirdupois- the weight system based on a pound of 16 ounces 2/6/2014: zymurgy- the practice of fermentation in brewing alcohol 2/5/2014: yob- a rude noisy, aggressive young person 2/4/2014: xylogenous- living in or on wood 2/3/2014: widdershins- counterclockwise 1/31/2014: verdure- lush green vegetation 1/30/2014: ulosis- the formation of a scar 1/29/2014: titivate- to make small enhancing alterations to 1/28/2014: sententious- given to moralizing in a pompous manner 1/27/2014: rabelaisian-hilarious in a course way

1/24/2014: quinella-a bet in which the first two places are predicted correctly, but not necessarily in the correct order 1/23/2014: perfidy- deceitfulness 1/22/2014: no word, chris off 1/21/2014: obsequies- funeral rites 1/20/2014: neologize- to coin a new word or expression 1/17/2014: ministration- the provision of assistance or care 1/16/2014: lissomness-gracefulness 1/15/2014: keister-case, bag or box used for carrying a burglar’s tool kit 01/14/2014: janissary / janizary- a devoted follower or supporter 1/13/2014: indefatigable- persisting tirelessly 1/10/2014: habiliment-attire, or clothing 1/9/2014: galactophagist- one who subsists on milk 1/8/2014: fructuous- fruitful or productive 1/7/2014: exuviae- an animal’s cast 1/6/2014: decoitage- a robbery by a gang or mob 1/3/2014: coxcomb- a vain and conceited man 1/2/2014: bulwark- a person, institution or principle that acts as a defense 1/1/2014: acidulated- made acidic

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