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Tune in weekdays beginning at 8:05 AM to WFLO AM and FM for the Call Flo Radio Show! Your hosts Francis Wood, along with Chris Wood, and Christopher Brochon, will bring you the show! Whether its some good news, birthdays and anniversaries, the word of the day, or laughs about sardines, join us on CALL FLO.

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Monthly, host Francis Wood will speak with 5th District Congressman Robert Hurt (R). Join Francis and the Congressman on the first Tuesday of the month to hear about what’s going on in Washington D.C. and how it affects you!

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Chris Brochon’s Word of the Day

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4/17/2014: wazzock- stupid annoying person

4/16/2014: vetust- old or ancient

4/15/2014:usufruct-the right of use and enjoyment

4/14/2014: turgid- (1)-swollen or distended, (2)-pompous or bombastic

4/11/2014: sapiential-of or relating to wisdom

4/10/2014: reticent- not revealing ones thoughts or feelings

4/9/2014: quisquilious- waste matter, refuse, rubbish

4/8/2014: pelagic-relating to the open sea

4/7/2014: obnubilate- darken or cover as with a cloud

4/4/2014: nugacity- triviality or frivolity

4/3/2014: mulct- to extract money by fine

4/2/2014: lubberly-clumsy

4/1/2014:kablooey or kablooie- destroyed or ruined

3/31/2014: jocularity-characterized by joking or playfulness

3/28/2014: imbricate- arrange so as to overlap

3/27/2014: holus-bolus -all at once

3/26/2014: gavage- the administration of food or drugs by force

3/25/2014: fillip-something that acts as a stimulus

3/24/2014: ersatz-made or use as a substitute

3/21/2014: declivity- a downward slope

3/20/2014: confabulate-engage in conversation

3/19/2014: bield- boldness or courage

3/18/2014: aqueous- containing water, or like water

3/17/2014: zoster-belt or girdle

3/14/2014: yerk-to strike or lash hard

3/12/2014: xyst(masc.) / xystus(fem.) -a covered court used for exercise / a walk planted with trees used for recreation and conversation

3/12/2014: whittie-whattie – vague talk or a frivolous excuse

3/11/2014: volubility-speaking incessantly

3/10/2014: ungulate-a hoofed mammal

3/7/2014: tenacious- not readily letting go, giving up, or being separated from

3/6/2014: thalassic- of or pertaining to the sea or oceans

3/5/2014:simulacra- images or representations of people or things

3/4/2014-retrousse- of a person’s nose, turned up at the tip in an attractive way

3/3/2014: quiescent-in state of inactivity or dormancy

2/28/2014: putrescent- undergoing the process of decay

2/27/2014: ogive- the point of a gothic arch or a thing having such a profile

2/26/2014: notional-existing only in theory or as suggestion or idea

2/25/2014: metalanguage-a form of language used for the analysis of another language

2/24/2014: labile-easily altered or liable to change

2/21/2014: kairos- a propitious moment for decision

2/20/2014: jobber- a wholesaler

2/19/2014: imprimatur-acceptance or guarantee that something is of a good standard

2/18/2014: hibernaculum- a winter retreat, a place to hibernate

2/17/2014: greave- piece of armor used to protect the shin

2/14/2014: fortalice- a small fort or outwork of fortification

2/13/2014: ebullition-the action of bubbling or boiling

2/12/2014: diaphanous-translucent

2/11/2014: chivvy- tell repeatedly to do something

2/10/2014: billet- a nonmilitary facility, usually a home,  where soldiers are lodged temporarily

2/7/2014: avoirdupois- the weight system based on a pound of 16 ounces

2/6/2014: zymurgy- the practice of fermentation in brewing alcohol

2/5/2014: yob- a rude noisy, aggressive young person

2/4/2014: xylogenous- living in or on wood

2/3/2014: widdershins- counterclockwise

1/31/2014: verdure- lush green vegetation

1/30/2014: ulosis- the formation of a scar

1/29/2014: titivate- to make small enhancing alterations to

1/28/2014: sententious- given to moralizing in a pompous manner

1/27/2014: rabelaisian-hilarious in a course way

1/24/2014: quinella-a bet in which the first two places are predicted correctly, but not necessarily in the correct order

1/23/2014: perfidy- deceitfulness

1/22/2014: no word, chris off

1/21/2014: obsequies- funeral rites

1/20/2014: neologize- to coin a new word or expression

1/17/2014: ministration- the provision of assistance or care

1/16/2014: lissomness-gracefulness

1/15/2014: keister-case, bag or box used for carrying a burglar’s tool kit

01/14/2014: janissary / janizary- a devoted follower or supporter

1/13/2014: indefatigable- persisting tirelessly

1/10/2014: habiliment-attire, or clothing

1/9/2014: galactophagist- one who subsists on milk

1/8/2014: fructuous- fruitful or productive

1/7/2014: exuviae- an animal’s cast

1/6/2014: decoitage- a robbery by a gang or mob

1/3/2014: coxcomb- a vain and conceited man

1/2/2014: bulwark- a person, institution or principle that acts as a defense

1/1/2014: acidulated- made acidic

12/31/2013: parsimony- extreme unwillingness to use resources including money

12/30/2013: morass-an area of boggy ground

12/27/2013: munificence- a very generous gift

12/26/2013: gravitas- dignity or seriousness of manner

12/24/2013: ecstatic- feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joy

12/23/2013: umbrage- offense or annoyance

12/20/2013: proselyte- person who has converted from one thing to another recently

12/19/2013: vexatious- causing annoyance, frustration or worry

12/18/2013: obloquy- strong public criticism or verbal abuse

12/17/2013: ossified-ceased developing; become stagnant or rigid

12/16/2013: laxity- showing insufficient strictness or severity

12/13/2013: assiduous-showing great care and perseverance

12/12/2013: coterie-small group of people with shared interests or tastes

12/11/2013: gongoozler- one who spectates without contributing content or interest

12/10/2013: artifice- clever or cunning devices used to deceive

12/9/2013: insipid-lacking flavor

12/6/2013: fugacious- fleeting

12/5/2013: effusive- expressing feelings of gratitude or pleasure unrestrained

12/4/2013: sectarian- denoting a sect or sects

12/3/2013: putative- generally considered to be

12/2/2013: snaffle- a simple bit used with a single set of reins

11/29/2013: paucity-the presence of something only in very small quantities

11/28/2013; ochlophobia-the irrational fear of crowds

11/27/2013: frugivorous- feeding on fruit

11/26/2013: ukase- an arbitrary command

11/25/2013: nadir- the lowest point in the fortunes of a person or company

11/22/2013: prelapsarian- innocent and unspoiled

11/21/2013: elegiac-melancholy or plaintive

11/20/2013: logorrhea- an excessive flow of words

11/19/2013: ebullience- the quality of being cheerful and full of energy

11/18/2013: solipsism- the theory that the self is all that can be known to exist

11/15/2013: querulous-complaining in a whining manner

11/14/2013: paraphilia- condition characterized by desires for fictional characters

11/13/2013-seditious- inciting or causing people to rebel

11/12/2013: specious-superficially plausible but actually wrong

11/11/2013: etiology- the manner or cause of a disease or condition

11/8/2013: maladaptive- not providing adequate adjustment to the situation

11/7/2013: acrimonious- angry and bitter (typically in ones speech)

11/6/2013:  sequelae-a condition that is a consequence of a previous disease or injury

11/5/2013: fid- a think peg or wedge

11/4/2013: immured- confined against ones will

11/1/2013: moraine- mass of rock and sediment carried down and deposited by a glacier

10/31/2013: phenomenological- distinct from that which is of the nature of being

10/30/2013: bosky- wooded (covered by trees or bushes)

10/29/2013: quiescent- a state or period of dormancy

10/28/2013: volplane-a controlled dive at a steep angle

10/25/2013: parenthetical- related to a word or clause inserted to explain a grammatically complete passage in writing

10/24/2013: desultory- lacking a plan or purpose

10/23/2013: parvenus-having achieved wealth or influence despite obscure origins

10/22/2013: atavistic- characterized by reversion to something ancient or ancestral

10/21/2013: topology- the way in which constituent parts are interrelated

10/18/2013: concomitant- naturally accompanying or associated

10/17/2013: heliacal- relating to or near the sunrise or sunset

10/16/2013: bated- in great suspense

10/15/2013: adroit- clever or skillful in using the hands or mind

10/14/2013: enthuse- say something that expresses one’s enjoyment or approval

10/11/2013: panjandrum- person who claims great authority or influence

10/10/2013: grise- terrible or fearful

10/9/2013: timorous- suffering from nervousness, fear, or lack of confidence

10/8/2013: cavil- make petty or unnecessary objections

10/7/2013: aureole- circle of light around something

10/4/2013: heuristic- enabling a person to learn something for themselves

10/3/2013: untenable-not able to defend against attack or objection

10/2/2013: augury- an omen

10/1/2013- hector- talk to in a bullying way

9/30/2013: peculate- to embezzle or steal

9/27/2013: tangential- touching but not intersecting

9/26/2013: prosody- the rhythm used in poetry or the intonations of ones voice patterns

9/25/2013: aesthete- person who has a special appreciation of art and beauty

9/24/2013: sough- moaning, whistling, or rushing sound of wind in the trees or on the sea

9/23/2013: onus- used to refer to something as one;s duty or responsibility

9/20/2013: intransigence- unwilling to change one’s view

9/19/2013: garrulous- talkative on trivial matters

9/18/2013: neophyte- someone new to a skill or belief

9/17/2013: prescient- showing knowledge of events before they take place

9/16/2013:  intuited- understood by instinct

9/13/2013: senectitude- the final stage in a normal life span

9/12/2013: icunde- natural or native

9/11/2013: dolorous- feeling great sorrow or distress

9/10/2013: litany- a tedious recital or repetitive series

9/9/2013: acrasia- state of mind in which one acts against their better judgement

9/6/2013: syllogistic- deductive reasoning

9/5/2013: rapacious- aggressively greedy

9/4/2013: truncated- shortened by cutting of the top or end

9/3/2013: axiomatic- self evident or unquestionable

9/2/2013: arable- suitable for crop growing

8/30/2013: vainglorious- inordinate pride in oneself

8/29/2013: vulpine- relating to a fox or foxlike

8/28/2013: appellative- the giving of a name used as a vocative

8/27/2013: quincunx-an arrangement of objects with one at the four corners and one in the center, as on a die

8/26/2013: quibble- a slight objection

8/23/2013: tendentially- having or showing an intentional tendency or bias, esp a controversial one

8/22/2013: catoptric- of or relating to reflection

8/21/2013: edification- the instruction or improvement of a person morally or intellectually

8/20/2013: penumbra- any area of partial shade

8/19/2013: indomitable-impossible to subdue or defeat

8/16/2013: pulviscular-dust like

8/15/2013: telluric-of the soil

8/14/2013: plenary- unqualified or absolute

8/13/2013: nexus- a connection or series of connections linking things

8/12/2013: accede- agree to a demand or request

8/9/2013: punctiform- shaped like a point / very small but not microscopic

8/8/2013: entreaty- an earnest or humble request

8/7/2013: imprudence- not showing care for the consequences

8/6/2013: imperious- arrogant and domineering

8/5/2013: dawdle- waste time

8/2/2013: tonsure- verb: to shave the crown of      noun: the bare part of a monk’s shaved head

8/1/2013: apposite- in the circumstances or in relation of something

7/31/2013: belvedere- an open-sided gallery, usually at rooftop, commanding a fine view

7/30/2013: viscera- the intestines

7/29/2013: evince- reveal the presence of a quality or feeling

7/26/2013: chiaroscuro- the effect of light and shadow created by light falling unevenly on something

7/25/2013: presage- a sign or warning that something typically bad will happen

7/24/2013: aleatory- depending on chance

7/23/2013: interminable-endless

7/22/2013: deracinate- tear up by the roots

7/19/2013: phalanx- a group of people brought together for a common purpose or things of a similar type forming a compact body

7/18/2013: hubris- excessive pride

7/17/2013: interstice- an intervening space, usually a very small one

7/16/2013: verbose- expressed in more words than are needed

7/15/2013: relict- an animal or plant that has survived while other like it have become extinct

7/12/2013: peregrination- to wander around from place to place

7/11/2013: bereft- deprived of or lacking something

7/10/2013: bildungsroman- a novel dealing with a person’s formative years

7/9/2013: afflatus- divine creative impulse

7/8/2013: usury- the illegal action of leading at a high interest rate

7/5/2013: funicular- operating by cable with a counterbalance

7/4/2013: tacit- understood without being stated

7/3/2013: postulant- a candidate

7/2/2013: laud-praise highly especially in a public context

7/1/2013: intrinsic- belonging naturally or essential

6/28/2013:capitulate- to cease to resist

6/27/2013: penchant- a habitual liking for or tendency to do something

6/26/2013: dubious- not to be relied upon

6/25/2013: bowdlerize- to remove material considered offensive with the result that it becomes weaker

6/24/2013: parry-ward off

6/21/2013: ostensible-stated to be true, but not necessarily so

6/20/2013: obeisance-deferential respect

6/19/2013: apostasy- the abandonment of a religious or political belief

6/18/2013: edulcorate- make more acceptable

6/17/2013: fervent- displaying passionate intensity

6/14/2013: hermeneutic- concerning interpretation

6/13/2013: inexorable- impossible to stop or prevent

6/12/2013: collyrium-an eyeshadow used in Eastern countries

6/11/2013: excoriate- censure or remove

6/10/2013: solipsism- the theory that the self is all that can be known to exist

6/7/2013: incorporeal- having no material existence

6/6/2013: protean- able to change frequently or easily

6/5/2013:susurrus- whispering, murmuring, or rustling

6/4/2013: immutable- unchanging over time or unable to be changed

6/3/2013: temerity- excessive confidence or boldness

5/31/2013: eleemosynary- relating to or dependent on charity

5/30/2013: phalanx- a group of similar types forming a compact body

5/29/2013: diktat- an order imposed by someone in power without consent

5/28/2013: ascetic- suggesting the practice of severe self discipline and abstention from all indulgence, typically for religious reasons

5/27/2013: locution-a persons style of speech

5/24/2013: flibbertigibbet- frivolous, flighty, or talkative person

5/23/2013: arabesque- ornamental design of intertwined flowing lines

5/22/2013: annex-append or add as extra

5/21/2013: autochthonous-indigenous rather than descended from colonists

5/20/2013: impunity- freedom from the consequences of an action

5/17/2013: paraprosdokian- figure of speech where the second part causes one to rethink the first part; usually used for humor

5/16/2013: insensate- lacking physical sensation or lacking sympathy

5/15/2013: edifice- a large imposing building

5/14/2013: actuate- cause to operate

5/13/2013: meretricious- apparently attractive but having in reality no value

5/10/2013: facetious- treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor

5/9/2013: gallivant- go around in pursuit of pleasure

5/8/2013: inveterate-having a habit or interest that is long established

5/7/2013: prodigious- remarkably great in size or degree

5/6/2013: kerfuffle- a commotion or fuss

5/3/2013: celestial- 1) belonging to the heavens, or 2) supremely good

5/2/2013: intrepid- fearless and adventurous

5/1/2013: anarchic- with no controlling rules or principles of order

5/1/2013: anarchic- with no controlling rules or principles of order

4/30/2013: commodious- roomy and comfortable

4/29/2013: satrap- a subordinate or local ruler

4/25/2013: docent- person who acts as a guide, typically voluntary

4/24/2013: scrofulous- the look of a swollen neck

4/23/2013: persiflage- light mockery

4/22/2013: palliative- alleviate a problem without dealing with the real cause

4/19/2013: opprobrium- harsh criticism

4/18/2013:wastrel- a good for nothing person

4/17/2013: contrapuntal- in counterpoint

4/16/2013: aspersion- an attack on someone’s reputation or integrity

4/15/2013: incipient- in an initial stage

4/12/2013: crepuscular- of, resembling, or relating to twilight

4/11/2013: redound- contribute greatly to a person credit or honor

4/10/2013: palaver- prolonged and idle discussion

4/9/2013: mawkish- sentimental in a sickly way

4/8/2013: subfusc- dull or gloomy

4/5/2013: eructation- a belch

4/4/2013: bruit- to spread widely, like a rumor

4/3/2013:lassitude- a state of physical or mental weariness

4/2/2013: umlaut- a mark used over a vowel to indicate a different quality

4/1/2013: involute-intricate

3/29/2013: onomatopoetic- a word that sounds like its meaning

3/28/2013: tetchy- irritable

3/27/2013: orthographic- of or about the study of how letters combine to represent sounds and form words

3/26/2013: pestilential- harmful to crops or livestock; annoying

3/25/2013: hebdomadal-weekly

3/22/2013: pulchritude-beauty

3/21/2013: obdurate- refusing to change one’s opinion or course of action

3/20/2013: meretricious-attractive but having no value or integrity

3/19/2013: obsequious- attentive to an excessive degree

3/18/2013: dudgeon- a feeling of deep resentment

3/15/2013: opprobrious-disgraceful or shameful

3/14/2013: acerbity- sharp and forthright speech

3/13/2013: susurration- a murmur or whisper

3/12/2013: travail- a painful and laborious effort

3/11/2013: benison- a blessing

3/8/2013: frowst-lounge about in a warm stuffy atmosphere

3/7/2013: pique- a feeling of irritation resulting from a slight to one’s pride

3/6/2013: asperity-harshness of tone or manner

3/5/2013: febrile- showing symptoms of a fever

3/4/2013:acumen- the ability to make good judgements

3/1/2013: dipsomania- alcoholism

2/28/2013: chary- cautious

2/27/2013: stentorian- loud and powerful

2/26/2013: nabob- person of wealth or high status

2/25/2013: cavil- make petty or unnecessary objections

2/22/2013: pusillanimous- lacking determination; timid

2/21/2013: afflatus- a divine creative impulse

2/20/2013: prognathous- having a projecting chin

2/19/2013: sedulous- showing dedication and diligence

2/18/2013: preprandial-done or taken before dinner

2/15/2013: miscegenation- the interbreeding of people considered to be different

2/14/2013: asseveration- an emphatic declaration of something

2/13/2013: antipathies- aversions

2/11/2013: jeremiad- a list of woes

2/11/2013: comity-considerate behavior toward others

2/8/2013: pithecanthropoidal- resembling primitive man

2/7/2013: ephemeral- lasting for a very short time

2/6/2013: synoptical- taking a comprehensive mental view

2/5/2013: abnegation-the act of renouncing

2/4/2013: perambulation- a walk around a place or area

2/1/2013: anoesis- a state of mind consisting of pure sensation without cognitive thought

1/31/2013: encomium-speech or writing that praises highly

1/30/2013: exegete-(n)an expounder of scripture (v) to expound scripture

1/29/2013: parnassus- something held to be sacred

1/28/2013: supplication- the act of earnestly begging

1/25/2013: prevaricate-speak or act in an evasive way

1/24/2013: obdurate- stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion

1/23/2013: garrulous-excessively talkative

1/22/2013: accidie-apathy

1/21/2013: odium- general disgust as a result of ones actions

1/18/2013: pleonastic- using more words than necessary to convey meaning

1/17/2013: raillery-good humored teasing

1/16/2013: ululation- a howl or wail as an expression of emotion, typically grief

1/15/2013: parlance-a way of speaking common to a particular job or interest

1/14/2013: sangfroid- composure shown under trying circumstances

1/11/2013: antinomian- the Christian belief that one is released by grace from observing moral law

1/10/2013: demesne-land retained for the owner’s own use

1/9/2013: asperity- harshness in tone or manner

1/8/2013: bulwark-a person, institution or wall that acts as a defense

1/7/2013: prandial-during or relating to dinner or lunch

1/4/2013: recapitulation-the act of summarizing and restating the main points of something

1/3/2013: emetic-nauseating

1/2/2013: officious-intrusively enthusiastic in help or advise

1/1/2013: quotidian-occurring every day


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